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  • Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter
  • Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter(V-C)
  • Ultrasonic Water Meter
  • Ultrasonic Water Meter + Smart Valve
  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter
  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter(V-C)
  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter
  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter+ Smart Valve
  • MBUS Concentrator&Collector
  • Wireless Concentrator&Collector
  • GPRS Data Collection Terminal
  • On-Off Controller
  • residential Smart Heat valve
  • Network Smart valve
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter(Insertion Type)
  • Smart Fire Hydrant I
  • Smart Fire Hydrant II
  • Smart Fire Hydrant III
  • Smart Fire Hydrant Flow Meter
  • Constant Flow Valve
  • NB-IoT Ultrasonic Water Meter
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Water, heat, gas are the three of the indispensable aspects of people’s daily life, with the development of technology and the progress of society,
it is urging the metering industry to keep up with the internet era. So the solutions related to the internet are born.
With the combination of the smart meters to measure the flow volume, concentrator & collector to collect and upload the data to the data center through internet,
and the data center to send command to the meter via internet. It make the management of the energy& resource more smart!